About Wolfum:


Wolfum is a textile line of tabletop and home goods. We incorporate traditional items- napkins, coasters, pillows- into the contemporary home with a nod to vintage, and a respect for modernity, eco-kindness and functionality. Wolfum features elegant and bold product that we hope will grow with the well curated home.

Creating true sustainable product means creating items that will stand the test of time. Wolfum aims to do this with quality materials and manufacturing, as well as tasteful and unique prints and colors.

Inspired by designer Annabel Inganni, whose love of vintage table wear, and her desire to have it brought in to the modern home for everyday use, Wolfum strives to bring a unique perspective to how one decorates, with timeless and durable items that will withstand trends. Each item is proudly hand made in Los Angeles, California.



About Annabel Inganni:


After 9 years of work as a designer in the accessory and apparel industry, Annabel decided to take the chance on something deeply personal and created Wolfum. Inspired by the traditional aspects of table linens (as well as influential product lines from Vera Neumann and Marimekko), Wolfum strives to be both bold and timeless.

Annabel was born and raised in Boston, MA and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Brendan Sowersby and daughter, Bird.